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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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standing here near the home where the children frp taken. they have been in communication with the mother all night long. we understand that again, this amber alert has been cancelled. a suspect taken into custody, and the baby and the 2-year-old are with police. >> thank you, tracee. >> less than eight hours after it happened, police in prince george's county are looking for the person who shot the victim. police have no suspects at this point. >> the national cherry blossom festival starts this weekend. thousands toured the tidal basin as part of the "stand in japan" event.
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the festival officially begins tomorrow and runs through april tenth. you may want to go next tuesday through friday that is when the national parks' service believes it will be in bloom. >> the poor buds out there. it must be cold. >> they are tough. when they are just starting out, they will be hanging on with a gusty wind they will hang o we have cold weather. in fact, you will be scraping frost off your windshield this morning. it is down near 30. regan national at 34. it has been warmer by the bay, away from the waters, it is near freezing there as well. and as we look elsewhere, it is in the upper 20s in western maryland and parts of west virginia, and around the virginia tide water region, it
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is freezing. over the last 12 hours, we had the sky clearing out, starting out with the half moon in the southeastern sky this morning. and a clear sky. there is a developing storm system out in the southern plains that will be affecting our weather by the end of the weekend. right now, we have a clear sky over the washington monument. there is the live view from the city camera. we have the frosty, cold conditions here with us, 9:00, in the upper 30s with bright sunshine. welcomed sunshine back, and sunrise, a little past 7:00, and by noon, in the mid 40s. we 8 will have partly cloudy into the mid afternoon showers, upper 40s by then. tonight, cold again. i will tell you how cold at infinite one clr 41. >> we are doing pretty well, there has been a lot of overnight construction, most of
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cl is in the process of being picked up as we speed. speak. the overnight road work at 50 has been cleared. and the inner loop and the outer loop off to an uneventful start and construction should be out of there in, next few minutes. >> police are looking for two men who tried to rob two women and stabbed one of them it. happened in northeast washington, jackie benson explained how a victim tried to fight back. >> reporter: two women, described as being in their 20s, at 13th and g streets at 8:40,
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confront by two men with a knife who tried to rob them. witnesses say, when one of the women pulled out a large can of pepper spray, the robbers st stabbed her. she was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. police recovered the knife and her purse at 13th street and maryland. residents near the popular h. street avenue are dismayed by the violence. >> it is getting nicer recently. sometimes, it is a shock when something like this happened in this area. >> the police presence is hit or miss. sometimes they are all over the place. other times, they are sitting in a parking lot, eating their lunch.
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you don't see them anywhere. >> reporter: both men had hooded sweat shirts up around their faces. this happened yesterday afternoon around 5:00, outside a house under construction. the man whom we are told was a contractor, and working on the home when it caved in. they tried to pull him to assist but were unsuccessful. an air traffic controller fell asleep at regan national. two flights couldn't reach the control tower. they did land safely. the lone controller on duty admitted he fell asleep. the transportation department has ordered that at least two controllers be on duty at all
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times. they are workedp. >> as a former airline pilot, i am outraged. an investigation is ongoing. we will get to the bottom of this. >> i was surprised that the control tower would be manned by one person, and that he nodded off. >> he has been suspended and undergone drug testing. the results have not been released. >> continues are distributing at a tsunami damaged plant in japan. the number three reactor tour at the plant, the reactor is still performing some of the containment functions. the death toll surpassed 10,000, and the number of missing has risen to 17,000.
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>> eight sit.8 earthquake hit the thailand border most it may take days to reach villages closest to the epicenter. tremors could be felt in bangkok. it hit too far inland to trigger a tsunami. nato agreed to take command over the no-fly zone over the country. the u.s. along with britain and france will continue attacks on ground targets. nato could take over full operations, several have raised resistance, including the only muslim nation, turkey. at the same time, congress is
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pressuring the obama administration for the goals of the presence in lib yampt hillary rodham clinton said it has neutralized the libyan air force. >> we will tell you when we could get snow. >> and a dramatic scene where
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not the scene you want to wake up to. a landslide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered that landslide in everitt. two of the collapsed homes have been red tagged and declared unsafe to enter. nobody got hurt as a result of the landslide. >> tom is here to talk about the forecast for today. >> unusually cold for the end of march. right now, below freezing in many locations, looking at the temperatures, right in washington, near the bay, in the mid and upper 30s. in the suburbs, near freezing, many locations in northern
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maryland, and the viewing area are down in the upper 20s to near 30 in many of the rural locations in virginia and west virginia. there is capitol hill, by 9:00, bright sunshine, a few high clouds coming in. up we will see cloudiness moving in. getting cold gain. by midnight, under a partly cloudy sky, near 30 as we start off saturday morning. yes, big changes for the weekend. yes, i am talking snow. i will have the latest on that look at the weekend forecast next week coming up in 10 minutes. >> how is traffic? >> we are not listening. there is nothing to fear, there is no snow, rain, wind, anything to concern yourself with. college park, silver spring, we are okay.
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from the virginia side, both directions, travel lanes are open. overnight hours brought us construction, both directions on the beltway, focused between springfield and the american legion brirnlgs both in the process of picking up. it is 4:43, still to come. a major route in the district. getting a new name of the. >> and the reaction the post office is taking to trim its budget. >> breaking news all through the night. th
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robert ackerson was armed, wearing a bulletproof vest when he took the children.
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we will have an update in 15 minutes. >> prosecutors say robbery was the motive in the first murder. rohan goodlet is accused of killing his neighbor last week. prosecutors say he knew the victim had money in his home. goodlet is suspected of shooting 41-year-old gudara on monday. goodlet was acquitted in a burglary case in 2009 by reason of insanity. neighbors said they had no idea. >> it is scary that kids are here and have been walking around, and we have lived here for eight years, right across the street. knew there was something off about him. never expected anything like this. >> a defense lawyer said that state failed to keep a close
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enough eye on goodlet. maryland health department said there was no proof he violated d his release. >> almost all of 86 stations will be under surveillance. michael taborn told the council that some of the cameras were 30 years old. the new cameras will be high quality color models. they expect the grant to be expedited so the cameras will be installed in eight months. >> the group called the answer coalition is planning a noon protest on is the to demand president obama stop the bombing campaign in libya. there will be similar protests in baltimore, seattle and boston. last week, thousands gathered to protest the eighth anniversary
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of the start of the war in iraq. >> the u.s. military will celebrate the anniversary of its highest award. the medal of honor turns 150 years old today. it is the highest military award for valor. it will be held at the pentagon's hall of heroes. the medal of honor has been awarded to 3500 service members since the civil war. michelle balkman may be the latest to throw her hat into the ring, she could decide before two republican debates scheduled for the first week of may. balkman toured iowa, scheduled
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to appear at an iowa -- a little more than half of washington washington's. there were 55,000 hispanics living in the district, making up 9% of the population. >> a busy street will be renamed for ronald brown in a secretary. it changed the name of the street known as ron brown way. brown died 15 years ago in a plane crash. his son, council member michael brown is pushing to rename
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pennsylvania, constitution and independence avenues to call attention to d.c.'s fight for statehood. the u.s. postal service is slashing 7500 jobs to cut costs. it is offering buy-out incentives to employees at least 50 years old. others could be laid off. the move could save $750 million a year. it is closing seven regional offices and considering stopping saturday deliveries that could save billions of dollars. >> no word for sure if a show will return "the real housewives of d.c.," no official decision has been made about a second season. hollywood tablloyd "radar online" said nobody on the cost
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has been notified about the show being cancelled. richmond teams, the ucu rams and the richmond spiders, both have a chance to advance to the elite 8 with wins today. that is 11 seed ccu will take on the florida seminoles later today. if both teams advance, someone's cinderella season would have to end they meet. >> and butler upset wisconsin by seven. the gators beat byu, and uconn took on number two seed san diego seed to move on.
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>> we need more color on the desk here. a little black and gold going for you. can we hang that there like that? >> we're not the sports department. we don't have to maintain objectivity. >> big party at georgetown tonight. >> you have to work tomorrow, too. nnchlths evening. i will be off by then. >> going to be a cold night to be hanging out. >> speaking of march madness. unusually cold this morning. we have scattered frost in many areas. good morning, i am meteorologist t tom, and the panhandle, upper 20s, and prince william,
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southern maryland, temperatures down in the mid 30s by the bay, and scattered frost in southern maryland and the eastern shore as well. in the upper 20s this morning. much of west virginia. the the cold air is in place. setting the stage for the potential for maybe snow here by the end of the weekend. right now, no travel problems weather wise. a few high clouds from the midwest drifting over us later. a clear start over capitol hill. a few clouds coming in in the afternoon, reaching the upper 40s, sunset is around 7:30. partly cloudy tonight, getting cold. in fact, by dawn, under a mostly cloudy sky, near 30 starting off saturday morning. saturday looks to be a dry day with increasing clouds and highs in the upper 40s. late saturday night, into sunday
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morning, we could see light snow. because ground temperatures and road temperatures will be above freezing, i think we will only see accumulation on grassy areas only. could get an inch of wet snow on grassy area, it should end sunday afternoon. back into the 40s on monday, warmer into next week. rain wednesday. >> for those of you headed in through northeast, smooth sailing along new york avenue. all the way into northwest bladdensburg avenue. a quiet morning that is good news. see if it translated along i-270, from route 118, all the way down to the beltway, you are good to go. one more stop, the trip in virginia, 95, 395, everything moving along nicely.
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>> thank you very much. the ncaa tournament is not the only major sporting event going on. thousands of runners will be here in d.c. for the national marathon. that race begins and ends at rfk stadium tomorrow. the course through the city, there will be a number of rolling street closures throughout the morning. it begins at 7:00 a.m., be forewarned. it is 4:55. today is the day to try your luck. why you have not one but two chances to strike it really rich. >> why one
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actress elizabeth taylor loved to make an entrance. she showed up 15 minutes late for her funeral. the 79 year-old died on wednesday from congestive heart failure. she converted to boud yimp before her marriage to eddie fisher. it calls for a burial 48 hours after death. >> in the day ahead, you could land one megajackpot. the megamillions jackpot stands
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at $312 million. the winning amount was $304 million, went up after heavy ticket sales yesterday. the power ball drawing hit $125 million. give me a call if you win. >> i will be your next best friend. >> whatever you need. i got you covered. >> a really good friend. >> people would say, what would you do with that money if you won it? >> i am afraid i spent it already. that is a bummer. >> news 4 today continues right now at 5:00. breaking news, the end to an all-night search for a father, accused of abducting his two young children. crewos two scenes